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Modern paper tote bag with simple line
Moderate size and flat form
Practical items to suit a variety of outfits
Laptop and A4 documents can be received
check red
One size
polyester68% rayon32%
Popular products take up to three weeks to prepare for delivery

Due to the nature of leather or material, there may be wrinkles or fine scratches.
This is not a defective product but a material property, so exchange/refund is not possible.
If the product is wet, wipe it with a dry cloth and dry it in a well-ventilated shade.
Closing too heavy objects can alter or break the shape of the product.
Leather products may be color-bound depending on ultraviolet or temperature.
Be careful not to get infected with dark colored materials such as blue jeans that may cause water loss.
Metal decorations can cause fine scratches due to the nature of the material, so cannot be exchanged or refunded.
Metal decorations are expendable and can be peeled off during frequent friction.